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Our Freight Management Services Include…

Flatbed Trailers

Perfect for Over-the-Road (OTR)/Long-Haul Shipping Needs, our open-deck flatbeds provide flexible options for hauling heavy, oversized freight and equipment. Our highly skilled drivers are ready to secure and transport your cargo safely and on time!

Flatbed Conestoga

For when you need to maximize your loading options while protecting your shipments from the weather or other concerns.

Extendable Flatbed

Stretches beyond the standard 48-foot flatbed dimensions. Ideal for shippers transporting unusually sized freight or who may not know the exact overall length of their shipment before the pickup date.

specialized trailers

Specialized Trailers

When specialized transport is needed, count on us to have the right trailer, rig, and driver for the job. We can also plan the route, obtain the permits, and ensure expert loading and unloading assistance!

Heavy Machinery Moving

Handling up to 170,000 pounds. Our customers ship electrical transformers, mining machinery, excavating equipment, construction machinery, and more!

Step Deck

When your freight is too tall to transport on typical flatbed trailers, the step deck option gets your shipment on the road!

Low-Profile (Low-Pro) Step Deck

For shipments requiring optimal height clearance to haul the tallest loads, a low-pro step deck is the answer.


Removable Goose Neck (RGN)

Ideal trailer for moving large machinery that can be driven onto the deck for transport.


Extendable RGN

Used for hauling loads exceeding the typical 29-foot RGN length. Often required for transporting certain types of heavy equipment.


Ag Transportation

RGN trailer featuring the sturdy slide-out outriggers (instead of typical swing-out outriggers) necessary for safely moving those extra-wide agricultural combines and sprayers.



Any shipments that exceed the standard legal size are considered over-dimensional shipments, and we provide solutions to transport these loads safely and securely.


Heavy Haul

Over-dimensional loads, as well as loads weighing in excess of 55,000 pounds, require specialized trailers along with additional truck and trailer axles to move that cargo securely, and we have them ready to go.


Less-than-Truckload (“LTL”) Load Sharing

Consolidating partial loads from multiple shippers onto one truck, allowing our customers to share the transportation costs and count on delivery times.

Other Freight Management Services

Sometimes, you have to hit the pause button on your shipments. This is an essential activity in logistics management, and we’re here to help.

Storage Lot

Store your tractors, combines, excavating equipment, and more in our outside lot, conveniently located near several major highways.


We offer secure, insured storage facilities for your palletized shipment until you’re ready to get it on the road once again.

Trans Loading

We can transfer your shipped goods from one transportation mode to another.

Drop Trailers

These truck trailers can be placed at your shipping facility for convenient loading/unloading and then picked up at a later date; ideal for shippers who have at least two shipments weekly, who need to offset congestion in their loading timeframes or locations, and who want to control costs.

Freight Brokerage

When our dedicated trucks can’t take your freight, we rely on our network of trusted transportation partners to professionally handle your shipment. Our Logistics Team—your single point of contact—will coordinate every step of the journey from pickup to delivery!

Our Freight Management Services Rely on…